3 ways VoIP can help your bottom line

Multiple-Location-SolutionsIf your organization in the San Francisco Bay Area wants to improve your bottom line, it’s likely that you need to look at your communications system. Here are 3 ways that VoIP (Voice over IP) can help:

  1. Effective Recruiting.  If you’re hiring top talent that is hard to find, investing in VoIP can be a recruiting tool. If you’re stuck with an old legacy system, this may send a signal to prospective employees that you don’t invest in tools that make people more productive. Having a well-designed communications system gives your employees greater flexibility and speed in how they communicate inside and outside your organization, and this can help during the recruiting process. For example, if you can offer future employees the capability to work effectively from home, that could be seen as a significant advantage.
  2. Lower Communications Costs. Modern communications systems can enable your organization to lower your communications costs, whether you have 1 location or 25. For example, SIP trunks are often significantly less expensive than traditional telephone trunks. We have had customers whose investment in a state-of-the-art system has been completely paid for by savings that their new system could facilitate.
  3. Lower Real Estate Expense. Today’s top VoIP systems can enable a high degree of productivity for workers who work remotely, enabling organizations to grow their worker base without a concurrent increase in real estate expense.

Communications technology is changing rapidly, and Team One Solutions provides small and medium sized businesses with comprehensive, thoughtful solutions to your business process improvement initiatives. With decades of experience in the telecommunications and data networking industries, we provide best-in-class solutions, implementation, and support.

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