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In 2009, Nortel filed for bankruptcy, and chose to sell off its assets rather than reorganize. Avaya won its bid to buy Nortel’s Enterprise Solutions business, and since then, Avaya has been in the process of blending the old Nortel technology into its IP Office roadmap. Nevertheless, many thousands of old Nortel systems are still in use. Support for these legacy systems including Norstar and BCM models is often provided by a number of small resellers, who may have different levels of commitment and expertise

As these systems age they are failing more frequently, and many customers are finding that service is getting more and more difficult to find.  There are many causes for catastrophic failure.  These are some of the more common culprits:

  • Power Supply Failure
  • Line Card Failure
  • System Programming Loss
  • Individual Phone Failure
  • Cable Infrastructure Failure

In most of these failures, there is very little warning until significant parts of the telephone system become inoperable.  These types of service interruptions can take a very long time to repair, if they can be accomplished at all.

Another important consideration is that the cost of maintaining a legacy Nortel system is constantly climbing.  Technical support and replacement parts are expensive and hard to find. And older, analog phone lines conecting to these legacy systems to the network are increasing in price as they are phased out by many carriers.

What to do?  First, unless your organization has little reliance on its voice communications for business critical services, it is time to create a plan to replace that Nortel system.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike.

There are programs offered by Avaya that may be able to re-use some, or all of your old station sets lowering a lowering the cost of an system replacement.  Other vendors have trade-in programs for replacing your old system as well.  This is the right time to examine the business advantages your organization could achieve with a modern VoIP communications system.  Team One Solutions can help you assess your needs and recommend a solution that will help you achieve your business goals.

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