Unified Communications Solutions

“Unified Communications” is an amorphous, evolving phrase which captures the vision of a communications system that easily integrates multiple communications methods, including voicemail, email, phone, IM, video, and chat (the combination of which is often called “Unified Messaging“), as well as call center applications, document sharing, CRM integration, audio and video conferencing, and presence( notification. While the concept of Unified Communications (UC) is incredibly useful, the reality is that very few organizations have the time or money to fully provision every employee with all UC functions, even if the technology is fully available from the organization’s current telecommunications suppliers.

To take full advantage of UC implementation, an organization must carefully analyze its needs and the organization’s leaders must understand the strategic importance and ROI of the particular UC initiative. For example, it may be important that all sales reps receive an immediate email notification, and even .wav file, of a voicemail, but the accounting staff may not need this functionality. There are a multitude of options and combinations which can quickly become overwhelming.

Team One Solutions can help. We approach your organization’s need for Unified Communications by first gaining a thorough understanding the specific business process improvements that your organization requires, and then matching those needs with best-in-class solutions from our variety of trusted vendors. One size definitely does not fill all in the world of UC, so Team One works with you to tailor a solution which fits your organization’s needs and then helps to implement that solution.

Team One’s experts offer your organization solutions from multiple UC vendors, selecting and provisioning applications to meet your specific requirements. Let us help you select the Unified Communications applications which will most improve your business from the vendors which best meet your needs.

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