Legacy PBX Systems

Many organizations today are finding that the telephone PBX they installed 7-25 years ago is near the end of its useful life. Even if your PBX is functioning properly, if it is no longer supported, then if and when it breaks down, your organization may be without phone service for an extended period of time.

As a telephony partner with Avaya, Cisco, NEC, and Zultys, we can often often help customers with these brands of PBX’s either extend their PBX’s life or we can find a cost-effective solution to upgrade their system. If you have one of these brands, and you are looking for a local company to provide a very high level of service, we can help.

However, many other PBX manufacturing companies have come and gone over the years, having either gone out of business or been acquired by other companies. In other cases, distributors who sold these systems have gone out of business, and getting service and support for these systems is getting difficult.  In these cases, extending the life of the system may be more challenging. If you have a Nortel (Meridian), AT&T (Lucent, Merlin, Partner), ToshibaMitelROLM/SiemensExecutone, Shoretel3Com or others, Team One Solutions may be able to help you evaluate whether it makes sense to upgrade to a world-class communications system

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