Phone System Selection

If your organization is committed to business process improvements that will increase sales, enhance employee productivity, and lower costs, then Team One Solutions is your ideal partner for developing strategies that can leverage your business communication systems to meet your goals.

We know that selecting a phone system is very challenging in today’s market because there are so many technologies and companies providing a mind-numbing array of offerings. Team One Solutions staff are business people who will listen and understand your key initiatives, and help you create a system that helps your organization achieve its goals.

First, we take the time to understand your current challenges, your growth plans, and your relationships with your current telecom vendors. When we understand your key business initiatives, we will explore how the latest communications technologies can help you achieve success. Can tightly networked distributed customer service, integrating CRM with phone, video, and IM help you get a competitive advantage? Can remote workers lower your costs and increase productivity? Would your sales force be able to increase sales if they had easy access to all communications services from their mobile devices?

Once we converge on the right suite of solutions to meet your needs, we’ll perform a financial analysis to verify its value to your organization. And by the way, if we don’t think we can help you meet your goals, we’ll walk away. We want your business only if we are sure we can help your bottom line.

Once we agree on a solution, then we design, engineer, and implement those solutions, and provide ongoing support.

Team One Solutions is in business to help your business.

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