In House Installation

Team One Solutions believes that its in-house dedicated installation capability is a strategic advantage to doing business with us. We integrate the many, and often complex, components that go into your voice and data communications system, and by taking the leadership role in designing and implementing that system, we simplify the work required by our customers. We provide the engineering design for your system, from new on-premise gear such as IP phones and IP PBX, to new and existing LAN gear (both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoE), to cabling to support all components of the system (see Structured Cabling), and coordination with all bandwidth carriers.

We also perform the installation planning for all personnel and devices, the types of phones, features, and ports, routing tables, and call flows that match individual and departmental needs. Having Team One Solutions engineer and install the communications hardware and the supporting cabling means a much more robust installation and more efficient support, i.e., no finger-pointing.

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