Financial Analysis: Communication Systems

Financial Analysis – Voice and Data Communication Systems

In most cases, the investment required to build effective voice and data communication systems will be substantial, and if selected well, can serve the organization for many years. Team One Solutions’ owners are very experienced in creating proposals that not only solve business process requirements, but we also will create a multi-year financial analysis of each of the alternatives that the organization is contemplating, whether offered by Team One Solutions or our competitors. These financial analyses can include “hard costs”, i.e., the cost of the equipment and services, and “soft costs”, such as the benefits derived from productivity increases (increased sales, lower personnel costs, etc.). At the customers request, we can also include a Net Present Value (NPV) analysis and ROI. We find that these financial analyses are important in gaining perspective on the proposed solutions, and communicating with an organization’s financial stakeholders in top management and on the Board of Directors.

Financial Analysis | Voice and Data Communication Systems Case Studies
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