Cisco Meraki Solution

Powering Your Network with Cisco Meraki

Team One Solutions is proud to be a leader in bringing the power of Cisco Meraki networking to the San Francisco Bay Area. With easier management and more streamlined interfaces than other products, we are helping companies large and small realize the benefit of powering their networks with Cisco Meraki.

Cisco’s reliable and dependable hardware provides the foundation of the Meraki user interface, making the management of your network straightforward and infinitely configurable. All changes are saved and shared automatically to all access points, switches, and routers, making upgrading or changing your settings a breeze, no matter the size of your network. We have joined with Cisco Meraki to bring you the best in network architecture and design, focusing on these three core benefits, among many others:

  1. Centralized Management
    Once we have determined your networking needs and configured your new Cisco Meraki hardware, a whole world of possibilities open up. With a single click you can explore your network, both in real-time and with historic trends, to see your bandwidth usage, what routers may be experiencing RF interference, what devices are being connected, and when automatic updates are configured.With Cisco Meraki’s straightforward web interface you can define new policies for computers, mobile devices, or even groups of users, deciding what sites or programs they can use or how much bandwidth they can take up at any one time. Limit guests to a few select websites or limited bandwidth, to ensure they don’t impact your overall network performance.When the decision is made to change a network policy or configuration, all of your Cisco Meraki equipment automatically receives the updates, saving you time and money. The days of sending a technician to update each device manually are over, thanks to the power and ease of Meraki’s cloud network, which automatically pushes your changes network-wide.
  1. Automatic RF Optimization
    Today’s airwaves are saturated with wireless networks and signals competing for the best quality. Like overlapping radio stations this can cause interference and degraded performance, but not with your Cisco Meraki equipment. Each Meraki wireless access point includes dedicated hardware which scans for sources of interference, and either boosts or moves the signal to where you will see the best performance. And it does this for you automatically, with updates visible in your management dashboard.Built in heat-maps show potential causes of interference and allow you to make intelligent choices not only when configuring but also when managing your equipment. Batteries, motors, and other non-wireless devices can cause bursts of interference, and knowing where and how these sources are affecting your network is key to being able to troubleshoot, plan, and manage your network.
  1. Bring Your Own Device Solutions (BYOD)
    The first and only networking solution that was built with BYOD policies in mind, a network configured by Team One Solutions and powered by Cisco Meraki can make managing the myriad of consumer-level products which may access your network a snap. Whether the devices are running Apple, Android, or other software, the management interface allows you to set the terms and conditions for their use and access.Cisco Meraki’s powerful technology automatically identifies mobile devices, whether or not they are connected to your network, and allows you to manage their potential access, including down to the level of what applications are allowed. The same granularity of control you have over PCs and Macs is now extended to mobile devices.As with all configurations, any time you make a change or policy decision for your network, all of your routers update automatically, so there is no delay in implementing your new plans, making sure your network is operating at peak efficiency around the clock.

Free AP for IT Professionals

If you are interested in a complimentary webinar about cloud networking from Cisco Meraki, please follow this link. The webinar includes a live demo of this cloud management platform and you get a free Meraki access point for attending – quite a few of Team One Solutions’ customers rely on Meraki solutions with its easy centralized cloud management for their entire wired and wireless networks.

*To be eligible for a free access point, participants must be an IT professional. Existing Meraki customers are not eligible. Limit of one free AP per company. For more details, click here.


Cisco Meraki Solution