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Agency Uses VoIP to Improve Children’s Lives

Seneca logo rev1Seneca Center and its network of Bay Area agencies sustains children and families through the most difficult times of their lives.

Team One Solutions has partnered with many clients in the Bay Area, but none with a more difficult mission than Seneca Center.   Since 1985 this non-profit organization has dedicated itself to developing mental health treatment and support services on the principle that emotionally troubled youth do not themselves fail, but are instead failed by systems unable to address their complex and specialized needs.

Team One Solutions has worked with Seneca Center for over 15 years to provide communication services that are affordable and that help to enhance their mission to help our children.  Through years of analysis of their changing needs, we have been able to design and implement a voice and data network that allows their clients and staff to seamlessly communicate with each other among their many locations.  By combining a network of NEC SV8100 IP PBX’s layered on top of a TelePacific MPLS network  we have been able to reduce Seneca’s overall communications costs dramatically.

Cost reduction was not our only goal: we wanted to create a resilient network design that would ensure client’s access to Seneca Center’s staff 24/7/365. By using the failover technology of the MPLS network design and the ability of NEC’s  SV8100 IP PBX to fail-over and re-route calls at any given moment we met our client’s goal.

Additionally, as Seneca Center’s go-to vendor, we have also upgraded their cable infrastructure to Cat 5e and the data network to Cisco PoE data switches to support the VoIP technologies that include wireless access points and video surveillance cameras and storage. These upgrades  have enhanced the school and teaching experience for both staff and students by creating a state of the art IT infrastructure in a safe and secure environment.

Team One Solutions is proud to help non-profits that make the world a better place.


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