Is Your PBX Dying?

Lombardi SportsAlert! We are seeing an alarming number of sickly PBX’s here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We don’t think this disturbing phenomenon is limited to this locale, but it’s serious, and if your organization doesn’t take care of it quickly, it could infect your organization! Here are seven signs you can use to identify a dying PBX:

  • Old Age. If your system is ancient, say born in the last millenium, this is a sure sign that your system could go bad on you anytime. And even if you place a 911 call to your PBX vendor, they may no longer have the parts to keep your system on life support.
  • Twisted (pair) Wiring. Twisted-pair wiring is a sure sign that your system is already half-dead, and can’t get better.
  • Deceased Vendor. Tech graveyards throughout Canada and the US are filled with tombstones from companies that existed long ago. If your system bears one of these names, their ghosts can reach out anytime and strangle your system before your tech even knows something is wrong.
  • Smells Like POTS. Dying PBXs are kept barely alive by sprouting lots of old analog, plain old telephone system (POTS) trunks that keep them in a sickened and barely functioning state. And these old trunks cost more and more every month.
  • Trapped Employees. If your employees have to physically be within arms length of an old phone in order to answer their calls, they are trapped like prisoners. Many employees who have to endure this captivity eventually escape, going to an organization that has a younger, and frankly more attractive, communications system.
  • Data in Chains. Employees who can’t identify who is trying to communicate with them are quickly eaten by time-consuming trolls.
  • Profits Circling the Drain. Dying PBXs suck the profits out of an organization with high utility costs, high costs of maintaining a system on life-support, higher real estate costs, higher costs of communications, lower recruiting success, lack of responsiveness, and more. If left undefended, your organization could die, either quickly or more often, slowly and painfully.

Disposing of a dying PBX is not for those without the proper skills and training. Team One Solutions is your Bay Area voice and data system doctor!


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