BYOD and Mobility: Danger Ahead

Today’s workers not only have their work computers, but they also often have laptops, tablets, and smart phones too. Some of these devices are used for work, but acquired and owned by the employee, and sometimes they are owned by the organization. While the advent of these devices offers the promise of faster communications and greater collaboration, there are multiple pitfalls ahead if the organization doesn’t think through its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) deployment very carefully.

Here are 5 common traps:

  1. Not creating and enforcing usage policies. It is important for the organization to set policies for both guests and staff, and even more important for those policies to be enforced. In order to ensure that these policies are relatively easy to create and enforce, the wireless system management software needs to be comprehensive and have a great user interface.
  2. Not monitoring bandwidth usage. Assuming that existing policies are enforced frequently isn’t adequate. It is also important to be able to easily monitor bandwidth usage, by user on the system, by AP (Access Point), and by application being used. This monitoring will tell the organization whether resources are being used as originally planned, and where bottlenecks may be developing.
  3. Not providing adequate bandwidth. By creating and enforcing policies, and monitoring the system usage, the organization should be able to determine whether adequate bandwidth is available. If policies are being adhered to, and the system is slowing down due to inadequate resources, this could have an impact on customer satisfaction and staff productivity.
  4. Not updating network software. Keeping network software up to date is critical to ensuring smooth operations and keeping the network secure. Your wireless system should have an easy methodology for deploying and updating all software and firmware.
  5. Not implementing security. Wireless networks are subject to wireless attacks, hacking attempts, and efforts to introduce viruses into the system. Having system software that can detect and repel these attacks is critical to system success.

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