Designing a Wireless Network for the Future of Learning

Designing a Cisco Meraki Wireless Network for Schools

This article is part of a series on the 2015 E-Rate funding for schools. It is a transcript from a webinar produced by Cisco Meraki.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at what it means to design a network for the future of learning. There are so many different types of innovation out there these days. There is new technology, adaptive technology, that suits students’ learning styles. There is now the ability to use live data from a particular city to fuel sustainable city planning exercises in the classroom.

We’re already seeing a little bit of worldwide collaboration with international students, where you can host Skype discussions with students in other countries. Similarly, you can have interactive discussions now with industry experts. So, you can talk to somebody who’s an expert in let’s say, surgery. And now you’re having a back-and-forth discussion, where students are able to talk to this industry expert about anatomy and biology, and just science in general, and really further their interests, as well as gain more knowledge.

Students also now have access to live streams of animal habitats and migratory paths. And now, using the network and using the accessibility, students can have visibility into groundbreaking discoveries; things like CERN and the Super Collider, or SpaceX which is becoming a very hot topic now, as we’re talking about launching new shuttles into space.

So, all of these different types of innovation are getting to the point where they’re very accessible for students. There are so many more that aren’t listed on the screen that haven’t even been developed yet. This type of innovation really does begin with a solid foundation; really having that core network infrastructure to support these types of learning styles and initiatives.

One of great parts about Cisco Meraki, and the fact that it’s hosted in the Cloud, is that you can make these changes that allow and permit students to have access to this type of technology, very simply, no matter where you are.

Now let’s bring in the idea of everything coming back to the Cloud. The Cloud really does enable students and teachers and IT administrators to have full control over what’s being accessed, and how it’s being accessed.

For instance, if IT managers need to permit more bandwidth for a certain classroom or for a certain grade to have these interactive discussions with industry experts, or to watch a live launch of a space shuttle into space, you can partition your network in various different ways, very quickly, without ever having to go on-site to a particular school or into a particular classroom to enable these changes. Anywhere that IT administrators have access to the Internet, they can use the Cisco Meraki Cloud Dashboard to make these changes and really make a learning space where there wasn’t one beforehand.

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