How Meraki Updates Keep You Online and Secure

While a Cisco Meraki network doesn’t entirely run itself, the process of updating configurations and rolling them out to your entire infrastructure can be largely automated, providing proactive security and feature patches.  Able to do this without extended downtime, your network and the devices dependent on it remain protected and secure around the clock.

The process of updating router or switch firmware has traditionally been one that network administrators dread: carefully copying lines of code that dictate the rules governing the network, applying patches with hard-to-replace and easy-to-break tools, re-applying those configurations often line by line, and then hoping that after hours of work the whole thing works. With the advent of Meraki’s Dashboard updater however, this once laborious and highly-stressful job can be performed with but a single mouse-click.

Because all of your organization’s Meraki’s Cloud-enabled switches, routers, and access points communicate with your Meraki Cloud Dashboard, they always know if they are using the latest firmware and software updates. You can check this status easily by logging into your Dashboard, the device overview of which details all the compatible devices on your network and their current firmware status, whether current or out of date

If a device or several are out of date, either because patching has been configured to be manual or due to a failed automatic upgrade, not only will the administrator receive an email to that effect, the Dashboard will make this fact readily known to all administrators who log in. From the first screen validated users can decide whether or not to apply the upgrade and, if so, when the upgrade should be performed. In this way you can guarantee that any firmware patches don’t impact your critical business functions at key times.

Meraki has spent a great deal of time streamlining the upgrade process, whether it is initialized manually or through the automatic schedule, with each device’s downtime lasting less than a minute—unlike other routers, switches, and access points, Cloud-enabled Meraki hardware actively downloads the new firmware package while remaining online, and reboots only after the package has been downloaded, verified, and is ready to be applied. In this way your network stays up as long as possible, with the minimum amount of disruption.

A factor unique to the Meraki upgrade process is the automatic roll-back procedure. If a Cloud-enabled piece of equipment does not boot correctly after a firmware update or patch, the device will automatically revert to the last known-good configuration and firmware version, leaving all relevant notes in the Dashboard or in an email to the administrator for review. This rollback feature also occurs if the device loses power in the middle of an upgrade, which would be a death knell for other products. In this way your network is never left hanging, the device never frozen or your connection dropped, waiting for your network administrator before normal function resumes.

Meraki’s Cloud Dashboard makes sure that network administrators and business owners alike can trust that their devices are secure, up to date, and protected against external and internal threats. Do you have a question about how Meraki’s automatic patching can help keep your network online? Call Team One Solutions at 1-866-832-6663 today.

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