Meraki Dashboard App for iOS and Android

The Meraki Dashboard App makes it extremely easy to monitor and manage Meraki wireless networks from your mobile devices.

What Can the App Do?

The app can pull up your network and allow you to access any of the Meraki Access points that exist within the network. On the main screen, you can see which access points are working, and which may be having issues. Clicking a specific access point of the network brings you more specifics. Here you can view usage patterns of dives on the network, change access settings, etc. The interface is smooth, allowing you to manage the cloud of networks, including multiples that you may have.

The Meraki Dashboard app allows you to look at every access point in the network and show charts of usage rates. Each of your networks will have charts showing the daily, weekly, or monthly data usage. A great feature is that different types of devices will show up differently on the charts. For example, you can tell how much data Apple iOS products are using versus Android products. This feature allows you to see which devices are using high amounts of data and correct the issue if need be, or just see the usage data for informational purposes.

The app allows you to view specific app usage as well. With this feature, you can view the trends of those using the networks, and be able to see which apps consume more memory.

The app also brings CMX Analytics, which shifts the focus from usage and memory. This feature allows you to view how many visitors are being connected to the network, and how long they stay connected. This data can be used to identify trends, and allows for businesses to tailor their business and network practices to fit these trends. The data summaries are easy to read and quite intuitive.

The Meraki Dashboard app makes adding new access points to the network a snap. All it takes is a few minutes. The app includes a scanner that allows you to scan a barcode on the access point, which automatically uploads it to the network. The app also utilizes your phone’s camera and GPS features in order to tag exactly where the access point is. Taking a photo of the access point location, and assigning its location via GPS makes sure you know exactly where the access point is.

Adding new access points to the network is easy, but the app also makes it easy to approve new people to the network. In the past, guests to a network had to be authorized by the IT administrator; however, the Meraki Dashboard app allows you to bypass this issue. The app allows you to build a guest authorization, allowing safe, secure access without the administrator needing to go back and approve it. The Meraki dashboard takes a bit more time to authorize guests, but the Meraki Dashboard App makes it as easy as scrolling through a list of names and clicking the person’s for whom you want to approve.

Meraki Dashboard Access PointsThe Meraki Dashboard App makes handling networks and access points much easier, and allows you to easily monitor both users and their usage patterns. This feature allows for easier optimization for your business, and less hassle in dealing with the network, allowing network administrators to handle more things on the go.

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