Powering Your First Cisco Meraki Access Point

In a previous article we explained how to set up your first Meraki network and now we are going to review how to set up your first Cisco Meraki access point.

The first thing to do after taking your access point out of the box is to decide where to mount it. It should be in a convenient and safe place. You won’t be mounting it right now, so put the included hardware to the side.

Meraki Access Point Connectors

Turn your Meraki access point over and you’ll see a number of connections including the uplink connector and a second route connector that can be used in a teleworker scenario. We prefer to use a Meraki PoE switch to power the access point, but you can use a separate power supply if you don’t have one.

Now that your access point has power, turn it over to view the various L.E.D. lights on the front. You should see an orange light, which means the access point is booting up. It will turn green when the network has come up. The other lights indicate:

  • A link to the network switch
  • Strength of the wireless mesh connection
  • The access point has registered with the cloud controller

When the cloud controller indicator light has turned solid green, your Meraki access point is ready to use. The entire process to powering up your first Meraki access point should take only a few minutes.

If you would like to try this yourself and would like a free Meraki access point, attend one of our upcoming webinars. All attendees to Meraki webinars get free access points. Registration for the next upcoming webinars is open now. Click here for access.

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