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How to Purchase School Equipment with E-Rate Funding

In part one of our transcript series from a Cisco Meraki webinar, we shared information about the 2015 E-Rate flow and the effect of BYOD on schools. In part two we started to review how schools can purchase equipment using their E-Rate funding. This article picks up where we left off.  How to Purchase Equipment There are three models here that you can typically use. One where the school or the library owns and manages

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E-Rate Funding for Schools

In part 2 of our transcript of the Cisco Meraki webinar covering the 2015 E-Rate for schools funding review, you will learn about category 1 services, category 2 funding, and we’ll begin the review of the three models to purchase wireless equipment for schools. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Category 1 services that have been revised this year. So, there’s a bit staying the same, a bit that’s changing, as well as some services which

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2015 E-Rate Funding: What You Need to Know

Recently Cisco Meraki held a webinar to review updates to the new 2015 E-Rate funding year. We’ve broken the transcript up into different parts, making it easy to read and digest the information for the 2015 E-Rate funding year. Gearing up for the 2015 E-Rate Funding Year Announcer: The broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen-only mode. Jakie Roewe: Good morning or good afternoon, wherever you might be today. My name is Jackie

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Powering Your First Cisco Meraki Access Point

In a previous article we explained how to set up your first Meraki network and now we are going to review how to set up your first Cisco Meraki access point. The first thing to do after taking your access point out of the box is to decide where to mount it. It should be in a convenient and safe place. You won’t be mounting it right now, so put the included hardware to the side. Meraki

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The New Cisco Meraki MR72

The New High Capacity Outdoor 802.11ac When your site is in a harsh or outdoor environment, the Cisco Meraki MR72 wireless access point is the router you need. Ruggedized for reliable deployment in even the worst conditions, the MR72 offers high capacity for high-density deployments and flawless voice, video and other performance intensive data across the network. The MR72 isIP67 rated so it can stand up to dust, shock, vibration and moisture. Visibility, Control, Ease of

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The New Meraki MR32 Wireless Access Point

Cisco Meraki recently introduced the MR32 wireless AP. The MR32 is a breakthrough in wireless access point because of its cloud management capabilities, integrated support for beacons, and the speed of the 802.11ac networking protocol. For IT professionals looking to support critical LANs or high-density environments with the convenience of cloud management, the MR32 is just what you’ve been waiting for. The MR32 provides network-wide visibility and control, providing tools and reports for optimizing and

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Meraki Dashboard App for iOS and Android

The Meraki Dashboard App makes it extremely easy to monitor and manage Meraki wireless networks from your mobile devices. What Can the App Do? The app can pull up your network and allow you to access any of the Meraki Access points that exist within the network. On the main screen, you can see which access points are working, and which may be having issues. Clicking a specific access point of the network brings you

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How to Create Your First Cisco Meraki Network

Using the Meraki Dashboard In our last article we reviewed how to set up your first Cisco Meraki account, which would gain you access to the Meraki dashboard. Now, you can create your first Meraki network by following these easy steps: Step 1: Name your network in the Meraki dashboard. Note that this name will be used by default as the name for your first SSID, but can always be changed later. Step 2: Under

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How to Create a New Cisco Meraki Account

The Cisco Meraki Dashboard Setting up a Cisco Meraki account in your Meraki dashboard is very simple. When you set up your Meraki Dashboard, you’ll need to make sure you have two pieces of information: Your license key email The serial numbers from your access points After you place your order, you should receive a Meraki Cloud Controller license key email. This email will come from the address If you haven’t seen this email,

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How to Calculate Bandwidth Needs: Part 3

Welcome to the final part of our three part series on how to calculate your bandwidth needs with Team One Solutions. This is a transcript from a recent webinar. We’ve already talked about the contracts voice and data providers use and what to look out for. Now let’s explore what applications in the cloud are and the implications to businesses with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Paul Svec: Okay. Understanding longer term plans. Jeff, why don’t

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