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E-Rate Funding for Schools: Oakland Unified School District

This is the final part in our transcript series from the Meraki webinar on E-Rate funding. This part reviews how the Oakland Unified School District used e-rate funding for their Meraki purchase. E-Rate Funding for School Districts I’m going to switch back over to our PowerPoint here. I do want to highlight Oakland Unified School District. They used E-rate funding in the 2014 year to purchase over 300 Meraki 802.11ac access points. They use these access points to support

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Setting Up RADIUS, VPN & WAN for Cisco Meraki

In the second to last post from our transcript of a Cisco Meraki webinar, we review setting up your Meraki with RADIUS, VPN, and WAN. Setting up those RADIUS servers is as simple as entering your information in, right here. And that’s it. Once you enter in that information, you will have automatically set up your RADIUS server. It’s that simple. Now, let’s say you have an Active Directory server. It’s just as simple to do. All

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Firewall and Traffic Sharing with Cisco Meraki

We return to our transcript of the 2015 Gearing Up for E-Rate Funding Changes held by Cisco Meraki. This section of the webinar covers the firewall and traffic sharing features of Cisco Meraki. From here, I want to go ahead and show you a few more features. We’re talking about the fact that, let’s say, a particular user is abusing Facebook. I can come over here to wireless configure, and click on firewall and traffic shaping settings.

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The Cisco Meraki Dashboard: Features Review

The Cisco Meraki Dashboard Before I talk about this case study, I want to take a quick jump over to our Dashboard here. I’m going to log in. I’m in a Chrome window right here. I am entering my credentials. I’m going to log in to the Meraki corporate account and show you what Dashboard actually looks like. When I log in here, I’m taken to this integrated Google map view where I can see the different

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Review: Cisco Meraki MR34

The below text is a transcript from a recent Cisco Meraki webinar that reviews the features of the Meraki MR34. Cisco Meraki MR34 Features I want to cover a few points here about the Cisco Meraki features. Then I want to take you on a live demo of what the dashboard actually looks like, and the different features and functionality that you have access to. First, I want to talk a little bit about being

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Meraki Deployment Methods for Schools

We continue sharing the transcript from the Cisco Meraki 2015 Gearing Up for 2015 E-Rate Changes webinar. This part of the webinar reviews the two different deployment methods that are available to schools. Cloud Networking Built for the Modern K-12 Learning Environment I do want to take a moment now to talk about the different deployment methods. There are two different deployment methods that I mentioned earlier. There is this idea where you’re going to be owning

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Is Meraki Compliant for Schools?

Below is a transcript from a recent Cisco Meraki webinar that reviewed the 2015 changes to E-Rate funding for schools. This part of the webinar reviews how Cisco Meraki is compliant, scaleable, and reliable. This solution is fully CIPA, HIPAA, which is a healthcare electronic records compliance, as well as PCI compliant. In fact, Meraki is Level 1 PCI certified. We also run third-party security audits, as well as daily penetration testing to ensure the security.

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E-Rate Funding and How Cisco Meraki Can Help Your School

E-Rate Funding and How Cisco Meraki Can Help Your School We continue our transcript series from a recent Cisco Meraki webinar on how a secure, wireless system such as Meraki can help your school. So, who is Cisco Meraki and what we do? Well, Cisco Meraki is a complete cloud-managed networking portfolio. We have wireless networking. We have switching, security, as well as mobile device management. And we’ve integrated the hardware, the software, and the Cloud

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Designing a Wireless Network for the Future of Learning

Designing a Cisco Meraki Wireless Network for Schools This article is part of a series on the 2015 E-Rate funding for schools. It is a transcript from a webinar produced by Cisco Meraki. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what it means to design a network for the future of learning. There are so many different types of innovation out there these days. There is new technology, adaptive technology, that suits students’ learning styles.

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Changes to the 2015 E-Rate Funding for Schools

2015 E-rate Changes In part 4 of our transcript series reviewing the Cisco Meraki webinar on gearing up for the 2015 E-Rate funding year, we’ll now look at the 2015 changes to E-Rate funding for schools. Now, let’s take a look at some other E-rate changes. There are a few exciting ones that are happening here. One of those is this idea of a minimum Category 2 discount. As of this year, regardless of size of

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